Kitchen Trends for 2022

Your kitchen is the heart of your home. It is where so many of your conversations take place, family recipes are made, and new memories are formed. At William OHS we are dedicated to providing you with luxury kitchen designs to meet your family’s needs and create the space of your dreams. We have been designing and creating dream kitchens since 1972 so we have seen a thing or two when it comes to having a trendy design. As we have evolved through the years, each year brings new excitement to the world of design. Check out these kitchen design trends for 2022! 

Multi-Functional Spaces

One of the most practical and thoughtful trends that we see emerging for 2022 is creating multi-functional living spaces. The past couple of years has taught us to be flexible and embrace the comforts of home. By utilizing your furniture and designing your space to serve multiple purposes, you are setting your home up for future generations. For example, a kitchen island can be your prep space but also can function as a place for your children to study, their new favorite breakfast spot, or even a place to craft. No matter your family’s needs or kitchen vision, our experts can bring it all together in our luxury kitchen design

Connect to Nature

Nature creates a sense of wonder and peace, but it doesn’t have to stay outside. Adding natural elements like warm wood shelving or even green earthy tones to your high-end kitchen cabinets are great ways to connect to nature. 

Play with Textures

Layering textures and textiles throughout your home not only draws interest but also adds in some coziness. A padded breakfast nook with big windows to let in some natural light is a good way to incorporate a mix of cozy and functional into your kitchen design.

Show Personality

Long gone are the days of creating spaces with just whites or beiges to “keep things neutral for others in case you want to sell.” This is your home, your space. Show your personality through paint and color schemes! Bold colors are in, especially greens! Working with a William OHS professional enables you to voice your wants for your space. Whether it is adding in plant shelving or leaving a space for your favorite work of art, our designers have your back. 

William OHS has over 40 years of experience in the design industry. Every day we breathe life into people’s dreams for their luxury kitchen with our high-end kitchen cabinets, custom design plans, and skillful execution of the installation. Connect with us to learn more and build your dream kitchen today!